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Awesome Invention Ideas

Many great creative inventions, including Parans optical fiber lighting systems, play a significant role in making our lives easier. Each day, brilliant people come up with new creative ideas with the sole purpose of making the world a better place. This could be anything from everyday objects to sophisticated machinery. Some of them could already exist in some other parts of the world, while others could still be ideas with hopes of ending up in production in the near future. Today fiber optic lightning technology is leading the way in revolutionizing the world utilizing flexible fibers made of plastic or glass.

Parans optical fiber lighting system

There are many reasons why the Parans technology of optical fiber lighting is considered one of the best creative inventions. Through innovative technology and design, manufactured intelligent collectors are placed on the rooftop, and just like the sunflower, they follow the sunlight throughout the day. At the base of the collector, fiber optic cables are connected, and they lead the natural light to the required region in the building. The fourth-generation Parans light, SP4, will be able to bring light 30 floors down from the rooftop while still maintaining high levels of light intensity and quality. And you can easily check out optical fiber lighting system for yourself.

Other examples of creative inventions

Here are some of the ingenious inventions that you have probably never heard of. A bookmark lamp so you can read in the dark. Then there’s the longboard stroller; if you have kids, this is for you, a stroller is attached to a longboard allowing you to take your baby out in style. The ‘AddWash’ feature in new laundry machines is the perfect invention if you’re the forgetful type as it will allow you to add extra clothes in the washing machine without stopping the washing cycle. We can only guess what the next amazing new invention will be!